Corporate Team Building and Beach Olympics

Would you like to reward your team members with some outdoor fun and adventure? We have Olympic events that are suitable for participants of any level of experience and skill. Events range from "just for fun" recreational activities to team building games and activities.

Events Include:

Kayak Race Boogie Board & Tube Relay
Giant Cageball Beach Volleyball
Aqua Relay Ring Toss
Potato Volley Obstacle Course
Fill the Bucket Creative Sand Sculpting
Soccer Relay Tug-o-war
Scavenger Hunt Musical Legs
Game Mania Beach Soccer Tournament
Cream Pie High Float Race
Balloon Buster Spoonin' the Ocean
Waverunner Bumper Ball  

Events package includes:

  • Multicolored flags surrounding the area
  • Entertainment sound stage with DJ (optional)
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Staff
  • Paramedic (optional)
  • Delivery and Set-Up
  • Awards (optional)

Each team captain, with the help of our staff, will assemble their team in the event arena. The games will begin with opening remarks by our Master of Ceremonies and warm-up lead by one of our referees. Each team will be judged on various portions of the event (i.e. selection of team name, team cheer, and placement in the tournament). Colored tank tops are provided for use during events.

Following the Olympics there will be an awards ceremony. First place will receive a choice of group trophy, individual medallions, or individual ribbons. Second and third place will receive individual ribbons.

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Events Descriptions:

KAYAK RACE: Paddles up! This event is a race to the finish as one team member races to a marker buoy and back to waiting teammates. Team spirit and skill are built as each team competes side by side. This challenge guarantees fun filled excitement that you are sure to love.

BOOGIE BOARD AND TUBE RELAY: This event gets wet, wild and crazy as teams race from one end of the pool and back until the last teammate finishes. This relay is sure to stir up lots of laughs while building tons of team spirit.

GIANT CAGEBALL: Soccer or volleyball anyone? How about both… Teamwork is the main focus of this event. Each team must work together to pass a giant beach ball over a volleyball net. The ball must remain airborne for a team to earn points. Sound easy? This team gets wacky as each team attempts to move the giant cage ball.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL: There is nothing like a good old fashioned game of beach volleyball to show off your athletic ability as well as get people working together as a team. Start working out now because the sand is nice and deep in sunny South Florida!

AQUA RELAY: Two Olympians swim to race around our buoy markers and back to the beach until the last team members come in for the finish. This is a true workout for the mind, body and soul.

RING TOSS: Each participant has one chance at tossing a ring onto a stake, the team with the most "ringers" wins.

POTATO VOLLEY: Participants on each team tie one end of a pair of panty hose around their waist, and into the other end insert a large potato. Each participant must, through body movement, swing the potato back and forth between their legs hitting a soccer ball across the finish line to their awaiting team. The team the completes the volley relay with all team members first wins

OBSTACLE COURSE: This event is just what your team needs to warm up and get their blood pumping. Upon command, runners will dash down the course, leap hurdles, weave around obstacles, step in and out of tubes, bounce away and dive for the finish line. First team to finish wins the heat.

FILL THE BUCKET: The teams will have ten minutes to try and fill a five-gallon container using only the bucket provided. Of course, there is a catch; the bucket has more holes in it than you would care to count. In order to succeed, your group will have to collectively plug these holes using only your fingers, toes or noses. Sorry… The water container must not be moved. The only movement is the bucket to and from the water to the container.

Each team is provided with a set of shovels and buckets. The object of this event is to promote teamwork and creativity as the teams work to unleash their artistic abilities as they create sand art. This is the perfect event for low stress relaxation and great for the mind, body and spirit.

SOCCER RELAY: Calling all soccer fans…this is the event for you! Teams compete against each other by moving a soccer ball in a weaving pattern throughout cones that are set up on a course. The team that finishes first with the least cones tipped over wins.

TUG-O-WAR: Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork… this is the key to success. Cross the line and you lose, but hold on to the line for some extra fun in the sun!

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SCAVENGER HUNT: Did you ever imagine that you were pirates looking for a treasure or that you were Explorers looking for a hidden fortune? This event is your chance to relive your imaginary adventures as you are transformed into hunters looking for your own "treasure". At the beginning of the adventure, each team is provided with a printed list of items, which they will need to locate within the property. Each team will have 15 minutes to complete the task of locating and bringing back as many items as possible. The team with the most items wins.

MUSICAL LEGS: Same concept as musical chairs. The exception is there's no chair. Instead we use human legs. First round, x amount of women form a circle, standing with legs apart, x amount of men walk around to the beat of the music until it stops, etc. (focus)

GAME MANIA: A "game show system" set up equipped with scoreboard, microphones and buzzers mimicking. The Master of Ceremonies asks fun questions with groups competing against one another. (Companies may provide some of the questions after a meeting/lecture). Excellent for sales promotions, corporate events, etc. (Coordinate & Communicate)

BEACH SOCCER TOURNAMENT: Soccer with a twist. Two teams, one ball and a lot of sand! These are the ingredients that make up the perfect recipe for a new, funky approach to a traditional game. Teams may use any body parts to score goals. With rules like these, you are sure to build team skills and spirit.

CREAM PIE HIGH: Truly a messy situation! Teams race to awaiting cream pies, eat quickly and race to the finish line. The team with the most tin wins. Remember, those with good table manners may be left behind.

FLOAT RACE: Hit the water with a splash! Team members line up one at a time and race to the water carrying floats. After jumping on the float, they must paddle out around the buoy and back to shore to tag awaiting team members. First team to complete the relay wins.

BALLOON BUSTER: Throw down your baseballs and pick up your water balloons. It's time to play catch. Teams form two lines and are given water balloons. On command, one member from each team must toss their partner a water balloon. If the water balloon is caught successfully, the team members must take one step back and continue the game. Those, however, who fail to catch the balloon successfully, are out. The last team remaining wins.

SPOONIN' THE OCEAN: Watch for spills! The objective of this fun event is to build team spirit. This activity gets crazy as team members race from the beach to the water and back to the beach as they attempt to fill a bucket with water. What's the catch? The team members must fill the bucket using spoons. The first team to successfully fill the bucket wins.

WAVERUNNER BUMPER BALL: Do you remember summer vacations, cotton candy and Ferris wheels? This challenge incorporates the old-fashioned carnival atmosphere as we recreated the traditional bumper car ride and added our own little beach twist. Instead of bumper cars, we use wave runners and throw in a ball to add to the excitement. Each team must use a wave runner to bump a giant ball through a series of buoys. This event is sure to have you feeling like a kid again.

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